4 Factors That Cause Adolescents To Use Drugs

Drugs are a serious problem, especially for the younger generation. The facts have already said that many people today are involved in drug cases. And this is a criminal act especially if you are the dealer. If you are in such a case then you make sure you need a lawyer to help you. And Sydney criminal lawyer is the right choice. You need to know that several factors cause this to happen, such as the following. First, this is due to economic factors. financial distress, this will be a factor that can cause someone to sell drugs. People who occupy a position like this will very easily darken the eyes, forcing them to take actions outside the boundaries of social morals, especially in this case is to distribute drugs criminal lawyer education.

The second factor is personal. Several personal factors can cause adolescents to engage in drug abuse, such as mentally weak, this causes adolescents to be easily swayed and easily influenced by bad calls. Mental weakness always feels alone and feels unable to get along well. Besides, Stress and depression, to saturation of the heart, a person does all kinds of means. One of them is drug use. But that method is not a solution but instead makes things worse.

The third factor is a factor from the family such as parents who often quarrel or even divorce. This will cause the child to get emotional pressure so that often the child relieves this pressure by trying drugs. And the lack of parental attention to the child or parents are too busy working or even less concerned with children’s education. The fourth factor is the factor of the environment and social interactions which also greatly affect a person’s personality and morals, the good and the bad can also be seen in how someone interacts.

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