Do You Know These 5 Steps To Clean A Bathtub Properly?

One of the most important and most frequently used parts of a bathroom is the hot bathtub. This section must be constantly cleaned because it is not only a part of cleaning the body, it is also a place for germs to nest. A hot bathtub that is rarely cleaned can make a person susceptible to disease, especially a dirty bathtub.

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Here are 5 steps to clean a hot bathtub properly:

1. Remove every item around the tub. Before cleaning the hot tubs, remove every item around the place. Starting from toiletries and children’s toys. After removing these items, clean them first using dish soap. Then, rinse with clean water and pat dry. After all the work is neat, don’t immediately put the item in its original place.

2. Clean the tiles and bathtub walls After you clean the items in the bathroom, now it is the turn to get to the core of each job, namely cleaning the tiles and bathtub walls. Wet bathroom tiles and walls with water, then use a cleaner or bleach specially formulated for bathtubs. After that, brush all parts of the tub thoroughly. If the tub looks very dirty, it is highly recommended to scrub it vigorously to keep the tub clean. Then, spray the entire tub with a multipurpose cleaner that can also be used in other parts of the house.

3. Clean the drains If you think that the bathtub drains have not been cleaned for a long time, then you need to clean those parts. To do this, pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain with half a cup of vinegar.

4. Clean the faucet Next, what you need to do to make the bathtub look sleek is to clean the faucet. To do this, use dish soap and scrub the area using an unused toothbrush or other small cleaning brush. Brush the area slowly.

5. Rinse everything with clean water. After all the parts have been cleaned, it’s your turn to end the job by rinsing everything with clean water thoroughly. Make sure that no soap or other cleanser is still stuck to the tub. Because, if it’s not cleaned, it can irritate the skin.

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