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These Factors Can Be The Reasons Why Your Application Is Rejected

Online without collateral are often found on social media as if you know that you need additional funds. Amid easy online submissions, which often only have an Identity Card and Salary Slip, it is not uncommon for people to experience rejection of online applications. Refused applications like this also often confuse customers, because they do not know the cause of the refusal. It will be even more confusing if their credit score is good and even close to the maximum credit score.

Well, this article will discuss the reasons why your online application was rejected, such as:

Requirements for documents requested are incomplete or unclear

Even though applying for an online is fairly easy, it doesn’t mean you can underestimate the submission process. It’s because the submission approval process is quite easy, online companies are very careful about the documents you upload. Your documents are crucial in deciding whether you are eligible for a or not. The problem that often occurs is that customers do not attach the required documents completely or the quality of the uploaded documents is unclear.

The amount exceeds the maximum limit

For example, in the application it is stated that your limit is $ 5000, but when you apply for a of $ 6000. It’s because the nominal that you submitted is greater than your credit limit, your will likely be rejected. Therefore, try to apply for an online that is less than the limit or maximum according to the limit given. If you are diligent in making payments, it is likely that in the future your limit will be increased because it is considered a good customer.

You Cannot Be Contacted

In the application verification process, customers are asked to enter an email or cellphone number that can be contacted. The goal is that the online company needs to verify that you are applying for an online and the data entered is your data, not other people’s data. If you cannot be contacted, your application will likely be rejected to avoid fraud on behalf of other people.