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Protect your home with the right house paint, here are tips for choosing it!

The intensity of the sun and high rainfall have the risk of causing damage to the building condition. For that, house paint is needed that can protect the building where you live to avoid peeling and cracking of the walls or even weathering due to mold and mildew. Choosing the right house paint is not only concerned with aesthetics but also protection against weather and environmental conditions. If you are planning to repaint your house, it is important to pay attention to some of these exterior painting woodstock recommendations before you choose the right house paint for your home green interior paint.

By applying primer paint first as a base paint, the adhesion of the house paint becomes stronger, as well as protecting the walls from alkaline attack. Now, there is already a house paint whose formula contains a primer, so you no longer need to buy two different types of house paint. The painting process is also faster. The selection of the right house paint can be tailored to the needs of the building. Building exteriors require paint for the exterior walls of the house that has a special formula, making it resistant to weather conditions in tropical regions, such as rain, sun exposure, humidity, and air pollution. With the resistance of house paint like this, the building still looks excellent and is protected from damage for a long time. If the house paint for the exterior of the building must be weather resistant, the interior paint of the house should be able to improve the air quality in the room. Choose a house paint with a low VOC or called with Volatile Organic Compounds content. To distinguish it, house paint that contains high VOCs is characterized by a strong smell.

Not only walls that need to be protected, other building parts such as house fences, window frames, door frames, pillars, and ceilings also need proper paint protection. In choosing the right house paint for these parts, first, identify the basic material of these parts. If it is metal, such as iron, use anti-rust paint. If made of wood, use a special wood house paint that is waterproof and termite-proof.