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Here’s How To Grow Tea At Home Using Polybags. Easy And Cheap!

Tea, who doesn’t know this drink of all ages? Besides being planted on a large stretch of land, you can also plant tea yourself at home. Follow how to grow tea with the following polybags, let’s! Tea can be served hot or cold. Besides that, you can choose which time to drink tea. The tea leaves are usually produced from the Camellia Sinensis tree. Well, how to grow tea at home this one is only done in the yard or front porch of the house with a goodie bag. Want to try? It looks like you can check out http://www.bandmadness.net/ to see more about this field.

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Each tea is processed from the harvested leaves and then dried. According to research results, tea is proven to show its function to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, reduce cholesterol, and Parkinson’s. So, you don’t have to pay for it every month, just plant the house garden with the various types of tea available. You can take advantage of a simple planting medium, namely, polybags.

Let’s look at the full review below.

Factors to Look For Before Planting Tea at Home
1. Home climate
Indeed, most tea gardens are in the highlands. This is because the tea tree needs a lot of rainfall. However, you can plant it in the yard of your house as long as the air temperature is good 14-25 degrees Celsius.

2. Land Used
The tea factor used is very important to help tea growth. The land that you must use is:
• Fertile soil
• Loose
• Can absorb water deeply
• Smooth water circulation.

Now you know what are the important things that you should pay attention to? Let’s it’s time to grow tea at home!

How to grow tea at home using polybags
Tools and Materials that Need to be Prepared
• Soil media
• Polybag measuring 25 cm
• Tea plant seeds from green tea stem cuttings
• Water
• A little anti-pest medication (Furadan)
• Bokashi fertilizer
Manufacturing Steps:
• The first way to grow tea is to make soil media first. You have to prepare clay soil.
• Add the bokashi fertilizer with a ratio of 1: 1 then mix well. This fertilizer is made from livestock manure.
• Add 25 grams of furadan per polybag. This medicine serves to control pests in your tea plant. After that, stir and blend
• Water the soil until it gets wet
• Plant the tea seeds from the green tea tree trunk 7-10 cm deep and then close them together by pressing the base of the stem. There are two choices of plant seeds. You can choose to use seeds from seeds or stems.
• If you want to plant seeds, the seeding process must be done. Meanwhile, if you choose stem cuttings, you only need to choose a straight and healthy-looking stem then cut it and leave it for 1 day in a container filled with water.
• Pick the tea leaves when they are fertile and lush. About 6-7 months after the first day of planting. Choose a young leaf and pluck it at the end.

Home Care of Tea Plants
• For new plants, please water every day
• After one week, do the watering 2-3 days
• If some weeds or weeds can interfere with your tea plants, do the cutting of the grass every 2 weeks so that plant growth is not disturbed.
• Also give additional organic fertilizer once a week regularly, then do the watering so that the fertilizer soaks down.