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Types of Shimano Fishing Rods

Fishing is a hobby that is quite popular with many people. Starting from just releasing boredom due to routine to professional anglers. If fishing is only done as a filler of time, perhaps there is no need for a “serious” fishing rod. Even make yourself ready. However, if fishing activities are relatively frequent and practiced, let alone being a professional angler, of course, a qualified fishing tool is also needed. One of the good quality and reliable fishing rods is Shimano. Shimano? Isn’t Shimano a bicycle parts manufacturer?

Shimano is more famous as a bicycle groupset manufacturer, but it turns out that Shimano also has a product in the form of a fishing rod. The red thread that can be drawn between the bicycle and the fishing rod is the gear component or the turning tool. On bicycles, gears are used to turn the wheels, on fishing rods, gears are used to pull or stretch the strings. If it only produces the reel, of course, you bear it, that’s why Shimano also produces the rod or the rod. The following are some types of fishing rods manufactured by Shimano. Get the best spinning reels under 30 right now.

Jigging rods are generally used for sea fishing using the jigging technique, which is a fishing technique that uses metal jig bait. With this technique, the bait is dipped below the surface of the water, then it is pulled, giving the impression that the fish is trying to rise to the surface. This type of fishing rod is generally very light because jigging techniques are generally quite draining stamina.

The popping rod is very strong, can withstand loads of up to 50 kg, and has fast action characteristics to make it easier for fast-moving feeds. This fishing rod is specially designed for fishing with popping techniques. Popping technique is fishing with bait, not from living things, but artificial bait, either plastic or from wood. This artificial bait is called poppers. In this popping category, Shimano has three fishing rods, namely Ocea Plugger BG, Orca Plugger, and Speedcast Kaibutstu.